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Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet: What it is

Anyone who's into dieting must have heard of the high-protein-low-fat Dukan diet. This phenomenon attracts celebreties, top models and politicians... not to mention common people. Recently a thalassotherapy treatment has been invented exclusively for this diet. So why such buzz around this diet that, at first sight, looks so much like just another high protein diet?

The Dukan Diet: Why it Works

The success of the Dukan diet lies in a pretty bundle of words: long-lasting results. Not only one can expect to slim fast (proteins repel water and thus allow the body to get rid of excess water) but the results can be long-lasting as well! The only condition for that to remain true: devote one day of every week during one's entire life to the consumption of protein-only meals. But compared to the results obtained, it's not so much of a hindrance... The objective of losing weight being different for each person, Doctor Dukan has developed the concept of the “Ideal Weight”: the weight that each person can expect to reach and to keep with respect to his particular needs. For we do not weigh the same our entire lives or some of us may have had children or may be disposed with thick bones or thin bones. The important thing here is to determine that “Ideal Weight” before starting “The Great Dukan Adventure”.

Once the ideal weight has been determined, the diet takes place in four distinct phases (note that the time taken for each of these phases varies with respect to the individual)

  • The attack phase, so called because the effects can be quite effective with respect to weigh loss.
  • The cruise phase, which extends the loss of weight in a softer way than the attack phase
  • The consolidation phase, which prevents further weight loss and weight gain
  • The stabilization phase, which is the end of the diet and introduces the rule that a day of every week should be devoted to an all-protein diet

Should you follow these phases, you have all the chances by your side to get the figure and the weight you always wanted... just as anyone who has completed the diet would say! Just ask around , you'll be surprised to see how many people in your own community are addicted to the Dukan diet!

The Dukan Diet: Who does it

There is another explanation of the success of the Dukan diet: The strength of the “Dukan Community”, to which new forms of communication like social networks, blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook greatly contribute. Help can always be found in the form of new “Dukan compatible” cooking recipes and diet plans. All this solidarity among Dukan diet practitioners is definitely beneficial to one's commitment to the diet!

One last explanation to the success of the Dukan diet: There are many men who have successfully completed the Dukan diet. The fundamental, underlying cause of men's commitment to the Dukan diet may definitely be the ability to eat at will. Diets no longer rhyme with hungriness. And the protein intake is definitely beneficial to keeping muscular mass.

The Dukan Diet: Where to go

For those who need to start their Dukan diet in an ideal environment, The Residence Hotel of Tunis in Tunisia now offers an exclusive weight loss therapy, designed with the help of Pierre Dukan himself! It beautifully combines slimming techniques, the benefits of thalassotherapy and the Dukan diet with a wonderful stay in one of the most marvellous hotels of Tunisia...

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